28 September 2008

the first post!!

after much procrastination (and forgetting to take pictures of the food), we have a food blog!

jillian was coming up this morning from SD, and i promised that i'd make breakfast if she got here early. so i went with my favorite breakfast food in the history of breakfast foods. french toast.

my mom has been making this for me since i can remember, and there are about a million ways to do it. i've been reading a lot about how french toast is even better when made with slightly stale french bread, and brandon and i already had some in the cupboard, so i had the perfect opportunity to test it out. although i've also had it with normal sandwich bread and it turned out wonderfully too.

this was more of an improvisation, and not a specific recipe, but the ingredients were as follows:
  • eggs (6 eggs made 9 slices of the stale french bread)
  • milk (enough to make it a milky-yellow color)
  • vanilla extract (2 1/2 teaspoons worked for me)
  • cinnamon (eyeball it)
after mixing all the ingredients in a glass bowl, i poured it in a glass baking dish (it's much easier to soak the bread that way). each side of the bread was soaked for a couple of minutes before being placed on the hot skillet.

after each side got nice and golden brown (and maybe a few burnt ones), i dusted it with confectioner's sugar and plopped the brandon-made bacon (thank you, jimmy dean) down next to it.


MomannP said...

I really enjoy the bell peppers & bok choy web site. When will there be another post from the Chef?

MomannP said...

Wow...these look delicious and smell heavenly! How were able to incorporate smell-o-vision into your blog? When I touch the bagel on my screen, the aroma wafts out of my pc, throught out my home!