30 November 2008

Layer Cake Bakery

Ok folks, this time around we're switching it up a bit. Because when we're not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, what are we doing? We're looking for food to ogle at. Food to admire. Food to savor and enjoy. That is why we're doing a little departure from our recipe repetoire to showcase a little hidden neighborhood gem: Layer Cake Bakery. A week ago, I contacted the little bakery and asked them if we could come by and snap a few photos. Liz, one of the co-owners, obliged and off we went to Layer Cake.

I've been going there for months, almost since the place first opened up. The reason? Well, Mel and I live in Irvine, and if you haven't heard already, the main attractions around here are neighborhood safety, clone-like housing communities, and the (supposedly facilitated) lack of homelessness. I found a now defunct blog, stripped of frills and showcasing properties and businesses in Irvine. Layer Cake Bakery was one of those businesses, and being perpetually hungry for coffee and pastries, I decided to visit, since it was only a few blocks away at Barranca & West Yale Loop.

And oh what a gem I had discovered...

Layer Cake Bakery is a place whose specialty is hard to discern. That is to say, they have a plethora of items on their menu that shine with brilliance. From their rich red velvet and bold black forest cakes to their decadent chocolate-dipped macaroons and classic ├ęclairs, each item is homemade and it shows through the flavor and texture.

You've also got to notice how pretty each little cake is:

They've also got a bunch more on their menu, including (but not limited to) brioche french toast, quiche lorraine, monkey bread, and trifles, so check out their website.

Mel and I decided to try a key lime tart while we were visiting. It was a very delicate tart with just the perfect amounts of smooth sweetness and refreshing tartness. Needless to say...

...it went quick. So the next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a bite. They've got a breakfast, lunch, or dessert (or all of them) that'll be on your mind for the rest of the day.

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