13 November 2008


so i'm a tuesdays with dorie wannabe. i don't own the cookbook yet, and i'm not part of the group (i've not decided whether or not i have time to bake consistently yet), but i really like 90% of the recipes that i see. i used to looove rugelach as a kid -- the only kind i had ever had though were apricot and raspberry, and so i felt the need to make them for myself. i also liked the idea of them being a little challenging, seeing as how they're not your typical "drop a spoonful at a time onto a baking sheet" type of cookie.

i decided to make the dough in the morning, and bake them at night. the dough was incredibly easy to make -- took all of 10 minutes. i had to let each half of the dough sit out for a bit in the evening when i took them out of the fridge though, cause it got a little too hard to roll out. i spent the entire day thinking about the filling, and decided on chocolate chips, nutella with almonds, and peach jam with cinnamon sugar. all three turned out wonderfully. my favorite were the peach jam ones, cause i got to use the jam my aunt had made with the peaches from her back yard. very tasty. if you use chocolate chips, i suggest crushing them up a bit - i kept them whole and they made the dough a little hard to roll up cause they were awkwardly lumpy.

you can find the recipe here -- try it. it's not as hard as it seems :)

chocolate chips just out of the oven:

jam or nutella.....couldn't decide. used both.
the peach jam ones leaked onto the cookie sheet. may not look great, but they tasted wonderful. :)

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