11 November 2008

what the heck is 'orzo'?

so at work, i've become known as "the one who cooks a lot." people have a habit, as it gets closer to the end of the day, of asking me what i'm going to cook for dinner. sometimes i have something planned out (you know, the hour of work time i wasted searching for a new recipe), and sometimes i really have no idea. this particular day, i had planned to make ina garten's roasted vegetable orzo for dinner. question time came, and i gave my response. and no joke, 8 out of 10 people said in response, "what the heck is orzo?" i guess sometimes i forget that most people aren't as food-curious as i am. and some people eat their meat and potatoes, and thats the end of their culinary adventures. i had always thought of orzo as normal. i guess its not.

for those of you who are at the very beginning of your culinary adventures, orzo is rice-shaped pasta. put an emphasis on the shaped, as it's not made out of rice. at all. its made out of a type of semolina, actually. its most often used in soups, but can be used in many other dishes as well.

anywho, ina garten's recipe was delicious. you can use whatever roasted vegetables you like in this, although her suggestions are great too. i added zucchini to mine. the lemon-olive oil dressing was very good, too. i left out the feta cheese and pine nuts as well. i didn't really mean to leave the pine nuts out, i just forgot to pick them up at the store. and the cheese...well...we all know i don't like cheese.

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